Poland populist regime continues to move forward

finance Poland populist regime continues to move forward The so-called populist regime is only a certain amount of time from the more established in Europe, the success or failure is beginning to split. Such as Italy and Greece, while there is a country that populist regime that could not be too much anything is to reduce the support, there are also those that win big like this time of Polish PiS. To win is that is seen as there is for better for worse [performance]. The maximum of the factors that support the PiS popularity is a generous protection policy to the socially vulnerable. Especially generous support to child-rearing generation (month per child 00 zloty, paid about US $), reduction of pension age (from were old men old woman 0 years of age), such as income tax exemption to the following young age , seemingly leftist policies, won the strong support. If it is re-election, it has promised to to almost double the minimum wage. These welfare policies, has been supported by strong economy of Poland.

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