The United States from the House of Representatives of ...

finance Proceedings for the impact of US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement on Japan's economy 0 Date of House of Representatives of Economy, Trade and Industry Committee North Korea, including the US-North Korea summit problem is extremely important on Japan's foreign and security. However, it is too often hidden in the shadow of the North Korean issue, was announced at the same time, also Erusareru transfer problem withdrawal or of Israel in the US embassy from the United States of Iran nuclear agreement, very important to give a big impact on the Japanese economy It is a problem. Destabilization of the Middle East of the changes and the region of the power balance by the departure from the United States of Iran nuclear agreement is for the impact on the Japanese economy, we exchanged views in the form of questions. (Following from, it will be the minutes) Kira Committee It is Kira State Tsukasa of the national Democratic Party.

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