Cher revolution? World of energy-producing countries of the economy, ...

finance Shale revolution - the world's energy-producing countries of the economy, the power balance upheaval - America was a shale revolution - the world's largest energy resources importing country, and now became the world's largest producing countries - Oil, remains hundreds of millions of years ago to live aquatic plants and animals piled up, it is said in sedimentary rocks over the years in the geothermal and the thing that has been generated undergone a geological change. This is sudden, called the explosive demand in the plane of the spread of since the beginning of the automobile of the spread and the 20th century from the end of the century, it had been awakened from sleep hundreds of millions of years. America as James Dean in the movie that [the Giants] and there is a scene to strike the oil's oil-producing countries. A year, but crude oil production of the United States had peaked, liberalization and subsequent oil price, production continued to decrease. Oil consumption on the other hand the United States continues to grow, the United States became the world's largest crude oil importing country, it was supposed to be dependent to the Middle East.

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