Europe and impact on [populism] of playing cards

finance Europe and impact on [populism] of playing cards Trump diplomacy and influence of the world () deepen Middle East Europe complex crisis But Europe is wary of playing cards victory as the rise of inciting politics by extreme right-wing , And Mr. was established in the new American president Donald Trump diplomacy, further its diplomatic approach what kind of influence is in the world On, it depending on whether the subject to what impact Japan, for these points, while also sprinkled the situation in the Middle East I want to said. Victory in the Mr. of the United States presidential election Trump has cast a large shadow over the French presidential election, which is scheduled for around May just next year (2.0 years). At the beginning Europe France, Trump said or not the far right, and incite political (Demagogi, demagogy) the Trump's victory by the far-right has been warning as the rise of, I called. In other countries such as Italy, such as Mr. Trump, they says the far right of the President was born, is the product of endless ultra-liberalism of the United States, has been the observation that.

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