Turkey Republican People's Party ideology Transformation

finance Turkey Republican People's Party ideology Transformation (-0): Kemarizumu, populism, social democracy In this paper, we try to analyze in the center of the evolution of transformation and the party philosophy associated with it to the Republican People's Party of Social Democracy party, writings and remarks of the third generation leader Buford rent e Dje Vu-it-in the Republic of Turkey. Republican People's Party is founding in the year by the Republic's first president Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, under the one-party rule regime was carrying out a variety of reform in order to promote the modernization of the Republic. The year was adopted at the Party Congress the Kemal principle six principles, known as [six Arrows], it was a republican secularism nationalist populist state capitalism revolutionary principle of the Party of the action philosophy. These are the national policy is also incorporated into the Constitution of the Republic in the year. Turkey after the Second World War, to transition and its political system from one-party rule system to multi-party system.

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